Circle of Life (36”x36”)

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Circle of life concept came from me hearing someone say what goes around comes around as in karma. So I visualized a circle of life  meaning out of part of that saying. If you look at the beginning of the circle like 12-1 o’clock area you’ll see I made sure it was transparent and thin just like when you are first brought into this world (you aren’t you yet, you’re a new plant) and when you’re towards the end of your run (the old knowledgeable you). As time goes past, your circle becomes more vibrant, healthier, stronger, smarter, you start to figure out who you are...all because your plants were watered. With time you’ve become very wise but as your circle is coming to an end to start another circle of provide water to another plant so it also can grow, prosper, love and repeat. “The key to life is to water your plants daily”